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Fika Map uses machine learning to transform access and alleviate poverty in rural, low-income communities.

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Removing barriers to progress

Rural communities experience outsized negative effects when the lack of basic infrastructure means they can’t reach important destinations. We’ve developed Fika Map, a suite of remote analysis tools, to locate where access is most beneficial via the power of machine learning. The result? More scalable, impactful rural access solutions around the world.

1 in 7

rural residents lack basic transportation access


of people coping with extreme poverty live in rural areas

< 1%

of rural transportation barriers mapped in low- & middle-income nations

Why FikaMap


Barrier identification

A machine learning model processes satellite imagery and training data from multi-location, full coverage, field-based needs assessments to predict obstacles that may be difficult or impossible for rural residents to cross.

Impact assessment

Rapid impact assessment tools help stakeholders at all levels understand the scope of transportation challenges faced by rural populations and the opportunity cost of not addressing those problems.

Solutions identification

Key data and remote methods help determine the most cost-effective, location-appropriate, and durable solutions to addressing transportation barriers on a regional or national scale.

Identify locations where trailbridges are most needed.

Explore how much a trailbridge could reduce travel time to crucial locations such as schools or healthcare facilities.

Better understand the demographics of communities where trailbridges are making an impact.

Trail bridges will improve education outcomes in some communities

Some communities need trail bridges to consistently connect them with healthcare.

Trail bridges can connect communities with better economic opportunities such as regional markets or jobs in population centers.

Explore our recent maps

See where Fika Map has helped transform rural access – and where we’ve identified which transportation challenges to tackle next.

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    Fika Map is an iterative, open-source tool. Best practices will be shared with each update for others to adopt on a global scale.

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About Bridges to Prosperity

We envision a world without poverty caused by rural isolation. Bridges to Prosperity uses a community-driven approach and intelligent technology to deliver multi-dimensional impact via infrastructure, easily scalable by local governments, to thousands of communities worldwide. Our trailbridge programs are a proven solution to unlock opportunity, expand the reach of other development interventions, and ultimately eliminate poverty caused by rural isolation.